Fluorescent Pigment For Textile


Printing fabrics
Printing garments like sportswear & leisure


Vivacious coloring effect

Range Includes

Radium Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Sunrise Yellow
Golden Yellow
Golden Yellow (S)
Sparking Orange (Y)
Sparking Orange (R)
Red Orange
Fire Red
Blood Red
Rose Pink
Carona Megenta (R)
Carona Megenta (B)
Carona Megenta (Rb)
Red Violet
Jamu Violet
Sky Blue
Poision Blue
Royal Blue
Parrot Green


Fluorescent Pigments

About This Project

Fashion trends dictate that almost every other year fluorescent inks become very popular, particular for printed garments such as leisure and sportswear. Fluorescent pigments is mixed with binder (water based) and is printed on textile fabric for bright effects and colours.

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