Fluorescent Pigment For Plastics


Excellent flow-ability
Workable upto 280 degree Celsius
Minimum processing temperature stands at 150 degree Celsius


Low plate-out
Easy to disperse
Vivacious color

General Uses

Master batches colouring
Plastic colouring like L.D.P.E, H.D.P.E, P.P, P.S etc.
EVA compounds colouring
Used by Toys and Sports goods manufacturer
Fluorescent pigments distribution through Repackers
Used by Injection / Blow molders


Fluorescent Pigments

About This Project

The vast range of Fluorescent Pigments offered by us proves to be the perfect choice for plastic coloring. Available in a variety of colours, our highly reflective fluorescent series called NFPC is non-formaldehyde based. These fluorescent pigments are widely appreciated for true color, longer life, low plate-out, easy dispersion and high heat stability. We also customize, package and deliverfluorescent pigments for plastics as per the client’s specifications.We offer highly reflective fluorescent series called NFPC which is non formaldehyde based and is suitable for use in various plastics.

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